Baton Rouge Child Photography | Leona Turns One

September 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

THIS KID, guys...she was probably the happiest one-year old I've ever met. I love the one-year stage with babies, because their personalities really start to shine at that age. It's hard to believe how quickly chunky little infants turn into pint-sized little people, full of personality and character, and fun little clues to who they'll be as adults one day. 

Leona is going to be one sweet little social butterfly, based on how this session went! Every time we were around other people at Highland Road Park, she just little up and had to interact with everyone she saw. One of my favorite sets of photos of her is when she decided to wave at all of the cross country runners training in all of the post-flood wetness we're still dealing within all our parks here. 


After getting a few photos in the park itself (including at the tree that was the site of mom and dad's engagement!), we made our way over to the playground equipment. Leona LOVES water, so she was a happy little baby splashing around in the splash pad and climbing all over the play equipment, surrounded by all of the new friends she made pretty much instantaneously. We got some great shots that really showcased her love of adventure and people.


Check out little Leona! <3


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