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February 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Could anything possibly make me happier than a wonderful couple with whom I instantly fell in love with, a gorgeous day of shooting in Baton Rouge, AND DOGS?

I mean, probably - but there'd have to be a lot of effort put into it, really. 


Cole and Lyndsay are having a destination wedding soon, and they contacted me to shoot their engagement photos to put on their invites. So, of course, I was totally down, and it was a BLAST of an afternoon. We chatted, we cracked jokes, we got to know one another - and by the end of the session, I genuinely felt like I'd made two new friends, all while getting some totally amazing images that I'm really excited to share with everyone.

And these two informed me within five minutes of meeting that they were probably going to be "awkward" in front of the camera.

Listen, let me tell you a secret, from a *super* awkward person (because really, truly - I feel your pain) - awkward is totally relative.

No one is naturally good at posing, or modeling, or--you know--not feeling like maybe it's a little odd that someone you just met is instructing you to love all over one another in the middle of a public park (Hi there, sir, ma'am - that's a lovely baby you have there...yes, it is a lovely day out, as a matter of fact). But, when you're in love with the person that makes you happiest of all of the people on the entire planet, all that really matters is them. And that, my friends, is what should show in your engagement photographs. I like to think that I don't photograph people - I photograph the connections between them.  When you focus on the connection and love between one another, awkwardness has a way of falling by the wayside.

And then, photo magic happens. Like so. <3

Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(31)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(31) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(29)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(29) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(27)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(27) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(21)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(21) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(41)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(41) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(39)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(39) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(35)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(35) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(34)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(34) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(19)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(19) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(18)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(18) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(46)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(46) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(43)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(43) Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(15)Baton-Rouge-Engagement-Photography-Same-Sex-Hilltop-Arboretum(15)


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