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Prints and Products


So, your session or event is over, you're thrilled (hopefully) with your photos, and now you're ready to show off all of the hard work you put into your wedding, family shoot, or your child's drop-dead-adorable session.  I mean, you took the time to pick out clothing, choose the perfect location and time of day, then actually showed up on time, so now you want everyone to see the results--right?


Digital files are great - thanks to the magic of social media, friends and family can see all your photos at the click of a button.  I love digitals - in fact, I make customized social media files an option in my packages.


You know what digitals are also good for, though?  Getting lost.  Yep, hard drives crash, you lose the disc/flash drive/ digital download link, and all your hard work and precious memories go out the window.  Even if you upload them to Facebook or another social media site, the files are compressed so much that any file you try to re-download later looks horrible.  As in, forget ever being able to print those suckers anywhere.  You paid for a professional photographer - do you really want photos hanging on your wall that look like they came out of cell phone camera held by a three year old?


For these reasons, I always--always--recommend clients get a least a small package of prints for every session.  Or--BETTER YET--a book.  Books are my FAVORITE, because you have all of your favorite prints available for display, in beautiful quality, and you never have to worry about not picking this one or not picking that one for your wall display.  I have littles of my own, and I know the anxiety of having to pick between poses!  Go ahead and pick a few for your walls, then put the rest in a custom designed book so that you can look back on every memorable moment from your session years from now.  


I offer everything - birth announcements, graduation and Christmas cards, thank you cards, canvases and aluminum prints - even Christmas ornaments!  I also use a pro lab for printing, so you never have to worry about your photos and products looking any less sharp and beautiful than the original digital file (check out this Pin to see examples of how ordering prints can go wrong!)


Bayou Rose Photography specializes in wedding, family, and documentary style family photography in Southern Louisiana, and surrounding areas including but not limited to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Prairieville, Gonzales and Lafayette.